Brian at 21 yrs old in Maui, Hi.

It seems just like yesterday that I was hanging out in Hawaii. More »

Went to the Grand Canyon once.

Its an amazing place to see. The canyon makes you feel real tiny when you stand next to it. More »

That one time I stopped and checked out the rocks.

Stonehenge is just right off the highway. Just like Cadillac ranch out in Texas. More »



The 8th Sacrament: The 8th Sacrament starts with a religious text, a survey of the seven sacraments as explained by current areas of literature. The 8th sacrament includes an explanation of the positive aspects of a new sacrament based on scientific evidence from research into animal cloning, and the future possibilities for cloning in mammals. A financial explanation of the costs involved for cloning, and the technological problems that can be overcome through R&D. Lastly, the book describes a survey of other mystical religions that are presently practiced today.

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Albetration 2394AD : This short story is in two parts, the first part is a science fiction account of speculation for a space-faring ship that travels to and from distant planets using a unique faster than light (FTL) engine technology. The second part is about the actual attempt at getting the science fiction out of the story and placing it into the real world, today! The theme of the second part is from a prospective of what is called Cosmo-theology. Complete with

Albetrationdrawings of the spacecraft and various diagrams that show what needs to be done for FTL travel to be completed for a traveler to Tau-ceti. The unique vision of the story unfolds in the first chapter of the first part where the explanation of the FTL machine is given, which requires a telescope, a computer in 100 story a building, a nuclear fusion or fission reactor on Earth, a rotating magnetic ring in orbit near the moon, and ground based lasers all working together to allow a spaceship to travel FTL

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