Vatican Hospital

Proposal for Non-Profit Geriatrics Cloning & Stem Cell Hospitals

Pindome Corporation d.b.a “Vatican Hospital”

Brian William Pinzon, MBA, MBA, ASIT Highest Honors.
Mohammad Najafpanah, MSc.
Mojtaba Noor, BBA.
Sunday, November 15, 2015



  • Sources: Book by Brian Pinzon Our Cloned body of Christ: The 8th Sacrament, Anonymous, 2008.
  • Dolly Cloned Animal, 1997
  • Health Care Ethics paper by Brian Pinzon on Blog page
  • Financing by state Rights 1% sales tax
  • Republican support for Ben Carson, MD.

Cost of Human Cloning & Stem

  • The cost of Human Cloning is $1,500,000 per procedure in the USA.
  • The cost can come down to $500,000 per procedure if legal and financing costs are addressed at the state and federal level.
  • UK and Australia costs are less due to legal issues that have already been addressed €50,000.
  • 20 Hospitals $500 million each Across Globe.
  • $10 billion total hospital budget.

Human Cloning in USA 1995

  • Human skin cells were transferred to a cow uterus in 1995 by Dr. Gebelli transferred the egg into an embryo 32 cell stage in the United States.
  • Cloning is not resurrection it is re-creation, De-extinction, resurrection biology, or species revivalism, Passenger Pigeon.

Financing & Marketing

  • DRG inclusion for Medicare reimbursement
  • Marketing: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is a 2002 Movie by George Lucas.
  • Other partners Columbia/HCA Hospitals
  • The Vatican in Italy.
  • Global Check Settlements in trillions of dollars per day, San Francisco CA. 10% commission proposal.

Patents and Legal issues

  • Current patents are held by the UK and legal status is available in Australia but not the US.
  • President Bill Clinton turned down legislation on Human cloning as a viable source for healthcare during is presidential term in office, 1997.
  • National Bioethics Advisory Commission was the committee that advised Bill Clinton in 1997.

Advantages of Cloning

  • Cloning could be utilized for homicide victims in high crime areas where populations of racial tensions are and drug violence occurs.
  • Cloning could be utilized for suicide victims that have predispositions to gun violence during high crime locations, and organ transplants.
  • Accidental death from traffic fatalities are 40,000 per year that is one Vietnam per year in the US alone.

Planned Parenthood

  • Cloning intake clinics for blood samples for all us citizens as a mandatory requirement. As an insurance policy against death from gun and drug violence and suicide.
  • Geriatrics medicine for those individuals that wish to be kept alive after death can be kept as well for resurrection purposes instead of cremation or burial, in which legal rights would be passed on to the resurrected person upon death.

Benefits of Cloning


  • For Adults that cannot have Children due to radiation treatment from Cancer or other reproductive disabilities and syndromes.
  • For single people.
  • For people that like Twins.
  • The possibility to bring back Albert Einstein from the dead. 14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955, 76. preserved in formaldehyde and (stolen) at Mutter Museum, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stem Cells to Grow Organs


  • Via human cloning techniques the stem cells in the mitochondria of the cell can be utilized for the growth of organs.
  • Source: Nature May 16th 2013.


  • Hire Lobbyists to change healthcare laws.
  • Find Scientists for Stem cell and cloning development for humans.
  • Contract with Architectural Firm for construction of Hospitals, locate land.
  • Develop Financing Plan for Medicare Reimbursement and Private Insurance.
  • Hire Physicians for hospitals.