About Me

Brian William Pinzon

705 Cervantes Ct. El Paso , TX 79922 (915)-760-4776 Mobile: (915)-252-9544 

E-mail: brianpinzon@pindome.com


BBA. Bachelors Financial Management – New Mexico State University

MBA. Masters Health Services Management – Webster University

MBA. Masters Technology Management – University of Phoenix

ASIT – Associates of Science Information Technology – Colorado Technical University – Magna Cum Laude – Highest Honors

Attended DeVry University one year in Computer Engineering

Attended Grand Canyon University PhD Program in Leadership and Healthcare Administration

LANGUAGES: Knowledge of Spanish.


Med. Development Projects Financial Planning/Analysis
Cost Accounting Feasibility Analysis
Marketing/Sales Individual Income Tax
Strategic Planning Payback/Discount Analysis
Treasury Operations Technology Management
Portfolio Management Inventory Analysis
Technology Forecasting Healthcare Finance/Grants
Program Management General Accounting
Controller Operations Personnel/Payroll
Utilization Management Staff Supervision/Development
Budgeting/Controls Mainframe/Micro Applications
Collections/Taxes Netware Mgt. Inf. Systems
Patent Licensing Internet/HTML Programming


Adobe, OCR, Fdisk, Visio, Fax Server, My Business Cards, Easy Custom Invoices, Magic Mover, Drive Image, RapidComm, Seagate Backup Manager, AWE64 Gold, Paper Port, WinZip, WinSock FTP, Quickview, EBAY, and Irfan View, Rain, Triplus Winspace, Memturbo, Konvertor, Wordweb, Submitta, for 95, BrainStormer, VisualMind, Word Translator, WriteDVD, Multia Media Law 1000, Google and Bing adwords.


Pinnacle Micro Flex DVD-RAM 5.2G Drive Backup, Visioneer 8920 USB Scanner, SCSI, PCI, AGP, ISA Controllers, Seagate Tape Store 3200, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, Roadrunner HUB and 10/T-Base Ethernet, Network Neighborhood, Panasonic KX-FP101 Fax, APC 400-UPS, Video-CAM, Epson Stylus 660, HP – Color Copier 210, Meridian 9515 Nortel Telephone, Dual – Quad Intel1.8 GB RAM, ASUS – Motherboard, Hitachi Super Scan Elite 641 Monitor, Power Comm 3000 Power connector.


  • CompTIA Network+ Fundamentals
  • Client Java Programming
  • Unix Network Administration


  • Dedication The Da Vinci Diamond Award for Inspirational Accomplishment – Jan 8th 2010
  • Dedication The International Einstein Award for Scientific Achievement – Iconic Achievers – Feb 2009
  • Dedication TOP 100 Scientists for 2006 – IBC March 24th 2006.
  • Dedication 21stCentury Award for Achievement – IBC – March 24th 2006
  • Dedication for Leading Scientists of the World -2006 – IBC – November 4th 2005.
  • Dedication for Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century Inaugural Edition – IBC – September 24, 2005.
  • Dedication for One Thousand Great Americans – IBC October 19th 2001.
  • Dedication for The International Register of Profiles – 12th Edition – IBC October 12th 2001.
  • Dedication for AMERICAN MEDEL OF HONOR – ABI – American Biographical Institute, Inc. – October 5th 2001.
  • Dedication for Companion of Honor – IBC September 28, 2001
  • Dedication for 21st Century Award for Achievement – IBC September 25 2001
  • Dedication for Induction into the 500 Leaders of Influence Hall of Fame – American Biographical Institute USA September 10, 2001
  • Dedication for 2000 Outstanding Scientist of the 21st Century Honors List – IBC August 31st 2001
  • Dedication for Outstanding People of the 21st Century – First Edition – IBC. August 20th 2001
  • Dedication for SCIENTIFIC FACULTY of CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND, – IBC, August 17th 2001
  • Dedication 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century, First Edition – “person possessing a good understanding, enlightened person” – July 13th 2001 -– Melrose Press – International Biographical Centre
  • Dedication for 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century – 2nd Edition – ORDER OF EXCELLENCE Melrose Press – International Biographical Centre , less than 200 individuals awarded, May 2001.
  • Dedication for The Order of International Fellowship – Friendship and understanding between Men and Women and Nations less than 500 members– Melrose Press – International Biographical Centre. June 15th 2001
  • Dedication for International Man of the Year– 2001 – Melrose Press – International Biographical Centre , Cambridge, England
  • Marquis Who’s Who in Science & Engineering for 2000-2001
  • Lexington’s Who’s Who of Business Leaders – 2000
  • Who’s Who International Executive Guild – 2000
  • International WHO’S WHO of Entrepreneurs– 2000
  • Dedication Outstanding Scientists of the 20th Century– 2000 – Melrose Press – International Biographical Centre , Cambridge, England
  • Distinguished Nominee for HENAAC (Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference) Award for Outstanding Contributions to Science & Engineering – 1999
  • Who’s Who in Financial Planning Institute of Certified Financial Planners, 1999 (listed candidate)
  • License Preparation Course I – Customs Broker Program El Paso Community College 1996
  • AIPB American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers 1993
  • Awarded Top College Performer 2/89– New Mexico State University.- “AT&T Collegiate Investment Challenge 32%,” and 1st place, State of New Mexico out of 57 participants. Placed in Top 8% nationally out of over 11,000 participants. Wall Street Games, Inc.
  • Certificate of Perfect Attendance Radford High School, Sophomore Year
  • Certificate of Achievement Community Services – Eastwood Hospital, El Paso, TX. Guillermo A. Pinzon is one of six founders of this hospital in 1974. Now called Del Sol Hospital..



Signed Agreement with MFS IP Services of New York for collection of royalty settlements with 40 companies regarding Patent number 6161005.

Wrote Acquisition Business Plans for the takeover of fortune 500 companies, which were sent to Goldman Sachs, and Merrill lynch, and Chase Bank, and Warren Buffet.

Wrote Grant Proposals for Quantum batteries, space travel machines, gravity machines, gravtubes, quantum telescopes, quantum microscopes, sent various financial institutions.


  • Worked for Viva Chevrolet as Sales Consultant at Airway location Sold Corvette model autos and used cars.
  • Amazon.com Online Sales
  • Published a book called The 8th Sacrament


  • Worked under the direction of CEO for Borg Business Development, LLC. preparing financial documentation for private start-up companies.
  • 6-month Internship at Pan-American General Hospital under the direction of Bruce Rossiter, JD.

Energy, Inc, Writer, Inventor

2005- 2006:

  • Worked with digital camera to place auctions on Ebay.com system to sell items from Antique Stores and Pawn Shops.
  • Successful in auctioning over 150 individual items, including two Marc Chagall signed prints for $4,000, and many other rare items on a weekly basis.
  • Financial Planning under Credit Swiss First Boston Online Brokerage Accounts set-up for 5 clients advising stock purchases portfolio totaling about $100,000.
  • Founder for marketing of the number 1-800-COFFEES and 1-800-COFFEES.COM for coffee industry receiving an offer online for the purchase of the number for $80,000 and retained 10% stock of new company 1-800-COFFEES.COM, Inc, from CEO Kevin Sinclair, dilatable only to 5% with rights of first refusal.
  • On October 15th 2001 – 1-800-COFFEES.COM was sold to Kraft Foods, Inc. for $80,000. Promissory Note was paid for $70,000 and $9,000 for the 10% stake.
  • Also, worked for Hello Pizza Restaurant.

La Rosa Mexicali d.b.a. Mexicali Rose, Inc

2007 to Presently:

Pan American Diabetes Foundation

A Non-profit Diabetes Foundation that includes Research and development investments in treatment in Diabetes Treatments trough active investments in related companies under management for the treatment of diabetes research and development and treatment and services.

Consultant 1/98 to 6/98:

  • Worked under the direction of the CEO, Randolph C. Brown.
  • Prepared Proformas for lending institutions.
  • Presented and composed business plans for lending companies, and was offered line of credit for $300,000 from Bank of America, with buyout of existing Notes Payable to Southwest Royalties, Inc. Programmed the HTML for Web page using Notepad +/Word 97/Frontpage 98, for interactive mail order processing.
  • Set-up Network connections and Scanner. Prepared Excel bar charts for Sales figures on Monthly and Yearly. Produced Cash Flow statements.
  • Downloaded RETIAL LINK from Wal-Mart computer systems for Inventory Levels. Software used: Mailers +4 US Bulk Mailing, Bulk E-mail Software: E-mail Magnet, Pegasus. Search engines: Site Promoter.
  • Telephones: PhoneDisc, Northern Telecom, Lucent 9000

Dr. Pinzon MD.PA., El Paso, TX.

Telemedicine/Controller 4/93-12/97:

  • Set-up Gamma Camera ADAC system for in Home Telemedicine dial-up. Also under the Direction of Mr. Parrara CPA; Cooper’s & Lybrand now called Waterhouse Coopers.
  • Prepared financial statements and accounts payable for quarterly payroll reports, utilizing MS-Money software on PC. Financial Statements, Electronic Tax filing, Business Plans, Marketing & Feasibility Research.
  • Audited Nuclear Medicine charts by inputting data into laptop for processing for case, which secured $325,000. Realized 273% return on Intel Warrants on 2-98 over two years for $400,000 liquidity.

Pindome, Corporation. d.b.a. Las Cruces Healthcare Associates, Las Cruces, NM

Vice-President Director of Finance 1/91 to 3/93:

  • Under President Lonnie Busby. Formulated New Mexico Medical Center, Las Cruces, NM. For Fortune 500: Columbia Healthcare Corporation, and Pindome Inc. d.b.a. Las Cruces Healthcare Associates.
  • A group of 30 Physicians. Interviewed, negotiated and selected physicians, planners, contractors, architect, and land owner, for a (147) bed hospital.
  • Assisted in planning and design formulation. Conducted marketing feasibility study. Reviewed on-going work of primary architect.
  • Interfaced with physicians, and contractor and land owner to develop primary master plan. Coordination of zoning with city governing bodies for height variance.
  • Located proprietary health care institutions for financing for the project.
  • Negotiated physicians ownership participation.
  • Produced executive summary.
  • Triad Corporation on March 21, 2001 recently broke ground on a new 120-bed hospital in Las Cruces on the same location, and expects completion in 15 months.
  • Triad is a spin-off of Columbia /HCA.

Pindome Corporation. d.b.a. American Watchkey & Telekey Corp.

Product Marketing 9/96 to Ongoing:

  • Traveled to NASA Convention “Tech 2006” held at Anaheim, CA – Convention Center, was Poster Presenter for Wireless home/office/car locking/unlocking radio/infrared backup devices. Showed Prototyped electronic 4-button key chain and watch key devices with door locks. Under Patents from Douglas Pinnow, Ph.D.
  • (Universal Photonix, Laguna Hills, CA), concept products used in Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee ’93-96. Wrote and Programmed Internet HTML Business Plan/Marketing Memorandum to generate financial interest. Marketed and listed in Yahoo.com under categories: “Remote Controls” and “Locks and Locksmiths” or by www.pindome.com, also under several Venture Capital listings. Venture Development Group – Carlsbad, CA produced hard copy for “Investment Marketing Memorandum“.
  • Filed for Patent in August 1998 and recently allowed – Network Communications and Direct applications for use on Cellular Phones to unlock/lock various secure places.
  • I have received a new patent concerning this technology number 6,161,005, that will allow for the usage of a cellular phone to unlock door locks at any distance for the home, office or car doors and will as garage and safes.
  • The technology utilizes programmable memory and PIN codes, or rolling codes, and can also use speech recognition. The door lock for the home or office would also contain a network communications door lock transmitter receiver in the case for long distance transmissions.
  • Traveled to CTIA Wireless 2001 (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association) in Las Vegas, NV Convention, met with several wireless providers and passed out copies of Patent number 6,161,005.

Dr. Pinzon MD. FACE., PA., El Paso, TX,

Bookkeeper 1/83 – 12/89:

  • Prepared tax documents, advised on tax-free bond portfolio and diversified stock portfolio realizing a 34% annualized return on investment.
  • Lotus for graphing progress stock charts, and budgeting. Knowledge of Harvard Graphics. Data processing of personal check information
  • Ledgermaster package IBM for finance statements.
  • Performed financial projections based on cash flow data from investment portfolio.
  • Posted A/R and A/P. Bank reconciliation,
  • Typing 30 wpm.


Traveled to: Europe, North and South America including; Italy, Switzerland, Colombia, Canada, and Mexico.


  • “Executive Summary: of ‘New Mexico Medical Center’ for health care institutions.” April 1993.
  • Master Plan: for ‘New Mexico Medical Center’.” May 1992.
  • Master’s Thesis: Feasibility Study: For a Proprietary Hospital in a Southern New Mexico City Region.” November 1991.
  • “Marketing Plan: for prototype ‘WATCHKEY’.” October 1989.


  • Home web page for Mexicalirose, Inc., Interactive mail order processing, Food Manufacture.
  • Site at: www.Energyinc.Info

National Institute for Health. GRANT TITLES:

  • National Healthcare Information Infrastructure a Plan for the Future“,
  • Alzheimer’s Disease in Hispanics and Response with Tacrine



  • The Physics of Albetration” – September 1993 – Prospects for Interstellar Travel at Lagrange Points.
  • Gravity as a Negative Constant” – January 1997 – Equation G=-n3







  • Albetration 2394 AD” – Jan, 01, 2001 ISBN:1413434533 p112.

US. Patents & Trademarks office – PATENTS AND DISCLOSURE DOCUMENTS:

  • Patent Number: 6,161,005:

Date of Patent: December 12, 2000

Disclosure documents program US PATENT OFFICE:

  • #163,033, “WATCHKEY” –

Door Locking/Unlocking Watch Utilizing RF/IR and Programmable Memory, January 29, 1987

  • #416,638“TELEKEY”-

Door Locking/Unlocking Cellular Telephone Utilizing RF/IR and Programmable Memory,March 25, 1997.

  • #454,367, CELLULAR PHONE

Utilizing beverage and food ordering system, April 9, 1999

  • #588,414 BEVERAGE

Aspartame and Water, September 15th 2005